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The Best Granite for Your Kitchen

Published on March 14th, 2018

Granite continues to remain the most common countertop option for kitchen. The expense is worth the durability and ease of maintaining it. Not to mention, granite is beautiful! Looking for granite in Aurora can be overwhelming, so we wanted to outline the five most popular types of granite to help narrow down your search.

For A Bigger-Looking Kitchen…

Choose white granite. Don’t shy away from white granite because you fear it will look too plain. There are tons of white granite variations with tons of character. Interior designers will often recommend white granite because it opens up the space and creates a clean, inviting kitchen.

If You Want to Decorate A Lot…

Beige granite is your best bet. It’s often mixed with specks of gray, black and brown. This color palette is attractive to Victorian homeowners who want their kitchen to have a warm, decorated space. This granite matches well with almost any color and is a timeless option.

For a Rustic Look…

Choose a shade of brown granite. A gentle shade of brown creates a nice contrast against lighter cabinetry colors. It’s ideal for a rustic feel because it will match well with other brown wooden accents.

If You Want Pure Sheen…

Black is best. This is the least-dramatic color choice, as most granite pieces are nearly solid black. But they have hints of silver speckled in that creates a sheen like no other granite does.

For an Exotic Touch…

Jewel-toned granite countertops are just that. Red and green granite countertops are unique and make a statement against the traditional granite options, yet they’re beautiful nonetheless.

We understand how overwhelming it can be when trying to decide on what granite is best for your space. Use this guide as a starting point if you’re looking for granite in Aurora. Best Buy Carpet & Granite is happy to answer any of your questions and help guide you along the way.

Source: Improve Net

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