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Spruce Up Your Holiday Decorations

Published on December 15th, 2017

Before hosting a holiday party, your home may need some decoration updates. Fortunately, there are always fun and new holiday decorations, and oftentimes you can get them on sale when shopping savvy! No matter what your decorating style is, whether rustic, modern, playful, etc., there is a new way to decorate your home. For those that are hosting, your guests will love to see something more than a tree and some holiday table placements!

Dining Room

If you are hosting a dinner party, you can do more than just your regular holiday plates and napkins. Dress up your table with unexpected and/or rich colors or mixed metallic, and decorate around that! A small tree centerpiece, a repurposed cake stand, a gingerbread house, and more will go a long way. Use festive ribbon around napkins, and make sure there is lots of light in the dining room.

Living Room

No matter what kind of party you are hosting, your living room will be a focal point. Consider a monochromatic tree, or if you typically have a more traditional tree, think about multi-colored lights and some new ornaments. Other decorations that will make your living room pop include displaying your holiday cards, an archway decoration, matching stockings, and more. Make sure to light some holiday candles for the perfect scent! Additionally, make it easy for guests to access cookies or a beverage with a snack and beverage station right in the living room!

A New Way to Decorate

Ultimately, as long as you love your decorations, that is what matters! Part of the fun of hosting a party is spending time decorating and making it festive for everyone. Punch up your bannister with ornaments, stockings, and greenery; try out unexpected materials, such as a red and green-feathered wreath; think in layers and hang snowflakes from your ceiling at different lengths! There are a million things to try out, so pick out your favorites and test them this season!

Courtesy of: House Beautiful

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